Glossary Of Swamp Hag Terms

Glossary Of Swamp Hag Terms


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Abscond:  Honey bee jargon.  It means to run away.  Leave home.  Pack up all your honey & pollen bags and get out of Dodge.

Addy:  Big black Clydesdale mare.

Amanda (Mandy):  Jenny donkey in my childhood and mother to Phineas & Erasmus & Bruno & Sassafras & Nugget.

Amulet:  My first Siamese cat.  A combination of a blue and a cholcolate point.

Annie:  Jenny donkey and pasture mate to Sonja.

Archemides:  Puma gray male cat…….and good buddy.

Banamine:  Medicine for fever reduction and muscle relaxant.

Becky:  Our spotted Draft mare.

Bell:  My black Percheron mare (mother to Monarch).

Ben:  Irish Wolfhound junior stud…….(and junior idiot).

Bennet:  Our spotted Draft gelding.  Son of Violet.

Bernadette:  Professional Tennis Player.  Cohort-in-crime & fun friend in all kinds of adventures while traveling on the women’s professional tennis circuit.  She should write a book…….I would read it…….oh, wait/I was there…

Betty Joe Bob:  Cousin and best friend…………….(she had to like me, our mothers made her).

Brave:  Tri-colored Spotted Drum Horse stallion.  Son of Galway Warrior (retired Drum Horse of Queen Elizabeth).

Brood Box:  Large box at the bottom of a bee hive.  Where “the family” is raised and fed.

Chapin Forest:  Chapin State Forest, Kirtland, Ohio

Christina:  Roan (pink) Clydesdale mare (mother to Argyle & Brave).

Copernicus:  Puma Bengal-spotted male cat…….major instigator.

Chantilly:  My bay Clydesdale mare.

Claire:  My bay Clydesdale mare.  A rescue.

DaVinci:  Puma gray male cat.  Loves to pee on my vitamin bottles.

Dearth:  Honey Bee jargon.  It means no bloom.  No nectar available.  No food.  Not good.

Devana:  Our Fox Hunt’s Huntsman.  She has been riding with our Fox Hunt Club since she’s been a toddler.  She eats, sleeps, and breaths fox hunting.  The fox hounds love her and do her bidding willingly.

Doc:  Hugely intelligent, contrary friend for decades & decades.  I like poking him with sharp sticks on a regular basis.

Doctor Brigid:  Old friend…..she understands Irish Wolfhounds…..she understands reclusive old broads (a.k.a. old goats)…..also one of the ONLY veterinarians who understands and treats goats (who are not grazers…..they are browsing ruminants).

Doctor Russell:  An old-fashioned, rural, farm vet… the best sense of the word.  No nonsense.  No frills (unless you want them).  Decades of real-life experience with all sorts of animals…..big and small…..pets and livestock.  I value his wisdom.

(The) Doozie:  Very long, aluminum horse trailer (bowling alley).

Drench:  Larger quantities of various liquids and/or medicines shot down a throat.

Eliza:  Kind friend & fellow rider & dedicated Fox Hunter.  Her Hunt horse and good buddy is Mackie.  I think before she acquired him, he was a joust horse with the Renaissance Festivals.

Erasmus Doodlelip Snodgrass:  My older sister’s donkey during our childhood.

Ester:  Friend & fellow rider & cohort-in-crime.  How can she be such a great rider and have such beautiful/manicured fingernails?  And she’s always looks freshly pressed…….even in the rain(?)

Fey:  Irish Wolfhound female.

Galileo:  A cat I don’t have yet.

Get Out Of Dodge:  Leave abruptly…….with or without primal screaming & cursing & fanfare.

GiGi:  Holistic friend for a great many decades…………….she helped me along that short path of becoming a weird cat-lady.  I met her Bombay Black (Maru) and fell in love.

Hadrian:  Our Irish Wolfhound and senior stud.

Harpo:  Husband of Bernadette.  A very, very fun & funny actor, creative-talent & Chocoholic.

I.M:  Intra-muscular…….usually referring to the type of shot injection or vaccination.

Jimmy Billy:  Creative/Think-Outside-the-Box person who comes to fix things on the farm…….plus, he keeps coming back…

Kahlua:  Puma brown female cat…….she can reduce you to a steaming puddle with her stare.

Killian:  Irish Wolfhound female…….and also an idiot.

Lola:  Friend & fellow rider & cohort-in-crime…….she scares me…….I immediately say “how high” even before she says jump.

Long John Silver:  Geriatric Umbrella Cockatoo.

Magick:  My older daughter’s gray Percheron.

Mary Constance:  Friend & fellow rider & Fox Hunt Whipper-In & Equine-Everything-Mentor.  Phenomenal horse woman.

Mason:  Retired Thoroughbred racehorse stallion/Mason’s Mark.

Molly:  Irish Wolfhound female……….Alpha Bitch……….(oh wait…..that’s me).

Montana:  Our farrier.  He’s young, skinny, & tolerant of our big horses and willing to take care of their monster-hooves.

Mystic:  My older daughter’s black Percheron mare (mother to Beauty).

Neil deGrasse Tyson:  (Neil) Puma black male cat…….instigator along with Copernicus.

New Castle:  Sapphire’s beautiful bay gelding.

Nuc:  “Small starter hive”.  It’s complete with a queen/drones/& worker bees.  Quite often five complete bee frames filled with honey & pollen & brood & egg cells.

Older Daughter:  Older daughter.

Optimus Prime:  Smelly Boer goat buck.

OTTB:  Off The Track Thoroughbred (retired thoroughbred racehorse).

Pascal:  The individual in that “Cloud-Thingie” who I blog to…………..(to whom I blog?).  My confidante/trustee/& friend.  Pascal keeps all my secrets…………well…………secret.  He is not prone to gossip and quietly listens to my private/inner thoughts.

Patrice:  My over-alls and my friend……………I have several over-alls……………they are all named Patrice.  Patrice’s pockets hold the secrets of the universe…………..(and a lot of dirt).

Paulo:  My Spousal Unit of forty-two years (and counting)…….one step at a time.

Penitentiary Gulley:  Penitentiary Glen Nature Park, Kirtland, Ohio.

Periwinkle:  My second Siamese cat.  A chocolate point.

Phineas Quigley Tewilliger:  Donkey & friend of my childhood.

Pizzle:  Medieval-origin word for penis.   ***Urban Dictionary***

Poppy:  My younger daughter’s Haflinger pony mare.

Professor Dillamond:  Oberhasli Dairy Goat buck.

Prosecco:  Puma beige female cat…….and evil incarnate.

Ralph:  (a.k.a.—“Grease Monkey Ralph”) Riding buddy and owner of D.I. (the best cowpony EVER).  Ralph is a Ranch Manager and can fix or solve ANY problem on the farm.

R.C. (Rooster Cogburn):  Re-cycled name for favorite roosters on this farm.  There have easily been twelve R.C.’s to date.

Re-Cycled Chicken Names:  Henny; Penny; Henrietta; Clucky; Plucky (because you pluck them for dinner—get it?); Fluffy; Buffy (always given to a dumb hen (to be continued as I remember them)…….

Robber Bees:  Honey bees from another hive, either wild or domestic.  Bent on stealing all of the honey & pollen from your domestic hive and/or weakening or destroying your bee hive.

(The) Ruby Doozie:  Big, red, diesel truck who hauls the Doozie…….I love my truck.

Sapphire:  Friend & fellow rider & kind voice of reason.

Sam:  Puma black male cat…….and cuddle-buddy.

Sebastian:  Hunt Club friend and now owner of Mason.  Sebastian, in addition to being a good rider, is also a horse trainer as well as a farrier.

Simone:  Jt. Master of our Fox Hunt, friend & fellow rider & a good voice of reason but thoroughly up for a good time, and the epitome of still-water-runs-deep.

Sonja:  My younger daughter’s gray Fjord Horse mare.  She was also her friend & therapy horse.

Spousal Unit:  In this case, usually, my husband.

S.Q;  Sub-Cutaneous…….usually referring to the type of shot injection or vaccination.

Suellen:  Friend & fellow rider & Fox Hunt Whipper-In & Mongol Derby rider.

Supers:  Bee boxes added to the top of a bee hive.  This is where the honey is stored and what the beekeeper harvests.  They can be either medium or shallow sized (I use the shallow ones…..they are easier/lighter to carry)-(that’s important when running from the bees).  The queen is never in the super (or shouldn’t bee).

Suzanne-Annette:  Friend & fellow rider.  Always game for a “road-trip” (by “road-trip” we mean driving long distances to bring home more horses).

Talisman.  Paulo’s and my first dog.  A Blue Merle Great Dane…….with a character and an attitude multiplied by one hundred.

Uncle Bob:  Fictional Uncle & useless helper.  An inept poser.  Don’t lend power-tools to Uncle Bob (he never returns anything).

Violet:  My black Clydesdale mare.

Wigs:  Riding friend who I wished live closer.  She earned her alias & nickname because she comes from Wigan (a town in northwestern England).

Willow:  Irish Wolfhound female.  Will ‘O the Wisp.

Winn Dixie:  Local Florida chain of grocery stores.  Similar to Piggly Wiggly (a little further north) and Kroger (even further north).

Younger Daughter:  Younger daughter.

&*%#$&@$#&:  Cursing.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~to be continued…

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~always being updated…





4 thoughts on “Glossary Of Swamp Hag Terms

  1. To think, 39 years ago, you had a Great Dane, my very good friend Talisman, one Siamese, whose name I forgot, and the two birds. Did I forget anyone from the Meadows? It is safe to say you have progressed a bit in your animal husbandry endeavors.

      1. I remember, Ohio. I couldn’t remember how deep of a farm it was. In other words I couldn’t remember if it was a hobby farm or if your dad made his living farming full time. That she was, speaking of old hippies.

        1. My Dad had another job along side the farm…….do farmers ever make a living solely from farming? Talisman was certainly one of a kind…….I’m so glad she didn’t have opposable thumbs.

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